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Huayu lighting
Basketball Match Activities fo..
In order to celebrate company 23rd anniversary, Huayu Lighting held a basketball match, including teams: HUAYU team A, HUAYU team ..

Huayu lighting

 Guangdong Genry Lighting Co. Ltd. (here inafter referred to as Genry Lighting), the holding company of Zhongshan Huayu Lighting Industry Co. Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as the Huayu Lighting), is founded in 2017, with 31 million RMB as the company registered capital.  Genry Lighting is formerly known as the Project Department of Huayu Lighting.

   Key National Projects Completed: the main Venue of Hangzhou G20 Summit

   Famous star hotels at home and abroad:

    Sheraton Hotel Losangeles Airport

  California Sheraton Hotel San Gabriel

   Marriott Bangkok Thailand

   The Parisian Hotel Macao

   The Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

   Macao sands Center

   China calligraphy Mansion Hotel

   Hebei Taihang state guest house


The Project Department of Huayu Lighting has won praise and recognition amoung the industry professionals due to many years of high-quality products and sincere service. In 2017, the Project Department has morphed into  Guangdong Genry Lighting Co. Ltd.,  , and still carries on Huayu Lighting’s  quality service spirit and earnest practical tradition, aiming at creating the major brand of Huayu Lighting.

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