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Tang Qing Chinese wooden lamps
【Company profile】

Huayu Lighting Manufacture Company Limited - founded in 1990, is a set of R & D, production and marketing, service integration of comprehensive lighting enterprises.  Located at the “Lighting Capital of China” – Guzhen town, Zhongshan city. Huayu lighting Occupies an area of 100,000 square meter of modern style industrial park, with about 800 employees. After nearly 30 years of development, Huayu lighting has become one of the leading enterprises in lighting industry.
       Tang Qing Family, Zhongshan Huayu Lighting Industrial Co., Ltd.'s new Chinese style lighting brand, aims to inherit and carry forward the Chinese traditional culture. With tough texture, fine-grained wood as raw material,Tang Qing’s products artfully use natural wood texture and  adheres to the traditional exquisite handmade carving techniques,creating a connection between material and soul by changing classical into innovative, and putting yourself in Tang & Qing Dynasties to appreciate the essence of history.
     “Tang Qing Family ” as a far-reaching significance of the Chinese Home Furnishing lighting company, artfully integrates dynamic fashion concept and modern fashion elements, as well as classical culture, into the products, with a realization and combination of classical and fashion, reminiscence and innovation. “ Tang Qing Family” ‘ s goal is to inherit classical wooden art culture and strive as a  Chinese lamp Royal model.

【Brand story】

In 618 AD, Tang Dynasty took place of Sui. Tang developed the ancient Silk Road, gained asset of ethnic culture Central Plains and the Western Regions, and trade with European and Asian countries with an open mind, so that formed a diversified culture framework and made Tang in full bloom and good reputation overseas. That is why Chinese now always being called “ Tang People”. Going through the Tang and Song Dynasties, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, Chinese culture is still growing and affecting amoung the world after thousands of years of precipitation and bloom. From the Tang Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty, we firmly believe that: after one thousand two hundred and ninety-three years, where there are Chinese, there will be Chinese culture being inheriting and expanding,and the essence of Chinese culture are mostly derived from Tang & Qing Dynasties……

【Corporate culture】
Tang Qing family puresim
【Enterprise tenet】
Tang Qing Family, Enjoy great prestige in the world
【Enterprise spirit】
It takes ten years to grow a tree, but ahundred years to bring up a generation of people.
Inherit classical wooden art culture
Strive as a Chinese lamp Royal model
【Enterprise idea】
Business philosophy: Bravely set sailing when what’s done is done.
Quality concept: Enjoy great prestige in the world by quality wooden prodcuts
Employing the concept: choose a master to serve
Team concept: work together as a team
Management concept: humanity combination
Design concept: Tang Qing family, Stand out from the Crowd

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